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Bob Zuckerman, Owner and son of Marvin Zuckerman of Marvin & Sons, was born into the jewelry business and is now the proud co-owner with his wife Lois and daughter Michele of the fine jewelry business now named Zuckerman’s. 

A happier business man you may never find.  Bob loves the business he was nurtured in and introduces the third generation of Zuckerman’s to it, his daughter Michele.  Michele is a certified gemologist with a certificate in Gemology from the GIA, Gemological Institute of America.  She has a Bachelor’s degree from Albany State University and graduating in 2003. 

Under the new name, the shops slogan is “A trusted name since 1949.”  Bob explains:  “His dad, Marvin opened Marvin’s Mart in 1949, which sold giftware and appliances.  In 1957 my dad Marvin added jewelry and became one of Long Island’s premier jewelry stores.”  Bob remembers, as a little boy riding the public bus from Oceanside to Cedarhurst to work after school at his dads shop.  “I learned the trade very young and by 18 years of age I was working full time at Marvin’s.” When it comes to the jewelry business Bob has seen and done it all. 

The family loves doing business in Merrick.  When asked “how do you all get along working together?” Bob says “We have created a separation of power.  I have 30 years of experience in manufacturing and retailing, while Lois bring style and taste to our extensive jewelry collection.  Michele brings youth, new energy and style.”  In addition to being a certified GIA gemologist, Michele, has expertise in ear piercing and a way with youngsters.  She is very gentle and patient while piercing little ears. 

What does Bob Zuckerman consider his strengths as a local jeweler?  “First and foremost:  there is always a Zuckerman at the store to help you.  Our extensive experience: There isn’t much I haven’t seen in the jewelry business & I feel I have the confidence and experience for any job.”  Honesty and consistency are attributes that result in many referrals from their customers.  With no blemishes on their record Bob says “He intends to keep it that way.”

The store itself has an elegance which enhances the precious jewels it holds.  The cases shimmer with diamond bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings and watches.  Silver jewelry has become very popular with the rising price of gold and they now have many fashion forward silver designers amongst their collection. 

Zuckerman’s Fine Jewelry is a member of the Merrick Chamber of Commerce and as well is a large supporter of the Diabetes Research Foundation and Marty Lyons Foundation as well as many other local charities. 

Bob brings to the table what Marvin and Sons has for years, trustworthy repair service and a large selection of fine jewelry and watches and always at the best possible price.

Zuckerman’s Fine Jewelry is open Tuesday thru Saturday